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How to: Care for your lips!

How to: Care for your lips!

Hello there, Fancy seeing you here again.. hehe.. The Maybelline kiss song is doing quite the rounds on the internet and do you know what that reminds me of? My lips !!Okay, I am pretty conscious about my appearance and my make up, especially my lipstick and gloss! We all know the wonders a beautiful gloss can do! But having lips that are double shaded or chapping or immensely dry is super unappealing.. Lips have 3 time the sensitiveness of the skin therefore their care is essential.. What our lips lack the most is moisture and Vitamin A and E, restoring that in multiple ways can help us attain beautiful and irresistible lips that boys would go crazy after..

There was a time when my lips were discolored, and super dry and I used to hate them.. Then I did a lot of research and tried a lot on my lips including lip scrubs, lip balms, lip masks, home remedies and what not.. a lot of them helped and some of them were an epic fail.. So I've put together a small list of things you can do to attain gorgeous lips. I have used information from various websites as well as information from cosmetologists and skin care specialists, these have all been tried and tested on myself and I have seen noticeable results, please not that everything that worked for may may not work for you.

  If you have a habit of biting your lips unconsciously or under stress, try being aware and controlling this habit, you could carry chewing gum with you and use it to keep your mouth busy while nervous or in a stressful situation.
  If you are a habitual smoker try cutting down the number of cigarettes per day as they are not only bad for your lips but also for your lungs and in the case of women for their uterus too.
  Try rubbing a piece of lemon cut in small slice on your lips.Lemon is natural bleach. You can add a drop of honey too as it will have a moisturizing effect on your lips.
  Apply a coat of Vaseline on your lips and leave it on for about 10 minutes then exfoliate your lips regularly every morning with a baby soft tooth brush or simply a wash cloth. This process will help remove the dead cells of your lips and give you baby soft pink lips.Do the process with a very light and gentle hand otherwise you will end up with bruised lips.Apply a nourishing lip balm afterwards. Initially you can do the exfoliating everyday. But after you get back your lip’s natural color do this only once week as part of your lip care routine.
  Use a lipstick that contains SPF if you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time outside and we all know how harmful the Ultra- Violet Rays are for the skin (including lips).
  Drink plenty of water and cut down your intake of tea and coffee.Excessive caffeine in the body has a drying effect on the skin in general.
  A gentle massage with chilled milk is a very old traditional method to treat dark lips. Using clarified butter (ghee) on your lips helps a lot.
  Grind a few almonds, add 1 teaspoon fresh cream and a few drops of lemon juice.This pack applied to the lips everyday will lighten the most stubborn dark lips.Keep it on for about 10 minutes and wipe off with a damp tissue or wash cloth.
  You can make a home made lip scrub. Take one teaspoon of sugar and add a few drops of almond oil. Apply this mixture to your lips and gently massage.Wipe off with a warm damp wash cloth.
  Here is a tip about home made lip lightener.Take a few drops of lemon juice.Add a bit of rose water. Mix both with fresh cream and apply to lips. Wipe the pack off after about 10 minutes.Lemon which I have already told you is a natural bleach and will lighten your lip color while rose water will help smooth away any lines on your lips.The fresh cream will soften your lips.You can exfoliate before this to remove the dead skin. Do this for a fortnight and see the results. This is also very useful lip care tip for smokers.
  Try avoiding lipsticks and use tinted lip balms instead.It does wonders for your lips and give you the effect of a lipstick as well. Revlon has a line of Lip Butters (reviews coming soon :) ) with a variety of colors suitable for all skin tones and they are gorgeous 

A few lip balms that I personally like and do recommend are:

1) EOS lip balm sphere 
2) Carmex lip balm
3) Burts Bees lip nourishing balms

For colored nourishing alternatives to lipsticks you must try

1) Revlon Lip Butters (new shades introduced)
2) Maybelline Color Whispers (review on its way)
2) L'oreal Color Riche Lip Balms (also being review here soon)

Lastly treat your lips with utmost care and wear lip balms at all times especially during the winters.  hope you found this post helpful.

How do you take care of your lips?


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