Thursday, March 27, 2014

Makeup Storage Ideas

Hey guys,

I am often asked how I store the enormous amounts of makeup that I own, and since I have a bit of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder - I'm not crazy or anything it just means that I like my stuff to be organized and clean)  I like to arrange my makeup well. There are lots of advantages to this, organizing your makeup can help you by making sure that you are aware of all the makeup items you own, also it helps you find that one lipstick you have been looking for since ages but you can't find in your mess but mostly, it makes your valuable stash of makeup look uber pretty. One of my friend has an acrylic manufacturing unit overseas ( he just started production in India too), and I asked him if he could make drawers and lipstick holders for me, I showed him pictures of the designs I wanted and measurements according to my makeup closet. Next thing I know he sent me some. He creates various designs now and supplies worldwide. I've got a lot of these storage containers and have pictured 2 lipstick holders and a blush drawer to show you. I will list under the pictures primary uses of each holder/container and how you can use them.

24 Lipstick Holder

I have chosen to show you some of my mac lipsticks and how these fit nicely in this holder. I keep my lipsticks upside down as it helps me find the shade I want easily since I can read the names. You can choose to keep them either way (I have shown a picture with some kept upside down and some kept other way round) The gap space for each lipstick is really good, they easily fit most lipsticks such as the Maybelline square lipsticks, the YSL square and round lipsticks.. The only lipsticks that I have found in my stash that don't fit in are the huge and bulky Guerlain lipsticks.  These are good for storing lip balms, glosses, rollerball perfumes & chubby sticks ( such as the Clinique chubby sticks or the Revlon Matte Balms reviewed here) This is really practical for me as it separates all my lipsticks according to my preference, and is very sturdy and  therefore does not cause an earthquake causing all my lipsticks to fall when I try to reach for one kept in the back.

12 Lipstick Holder

This is exactly like the lipstick holder pictured above except that it holds 12 lipsticks. I got the small ones as they help me cover space in my makeup closet better and also help me separate my most used lipsticks that I keep up front from the rest. I have pictured these with my MAC lipsticks again just to show you how it looks. Everything else is the same as above.

Clear Acrylic 3 Shelf Drawers.

These are honestly a blessing. To begin with they are clear, which means I can figure what is in them by looking at them and I don't have to waste time looking thru each and every drawer. The shelves sturdy and easy to pull out. I have chosen to show you one of my blush drawers, you can see that these fit a good amount of blushes and can store all sizes of blushes (top drawer has small bobbi brown blushes and the bottom drawer has my huge burberry, tom ford and Nars blushes) Another thing I like is the height of each shelf, they are not too high but good enough to even fit in domed blushes (like the Body Shop one in the second shelf). You can use these drawers to store not only blushes but eyeshadows, liners, mascaras, lipsticks (can fit 2 rows of MAC lipsticks), Lip glosses etc.. Essentially these can be used to store most of the makeup you own. I absolutely love these. I have pictured a few of my containers in the background of a picture in a blogpost here

So my final verdict on these is that these storage options are amazing for my makeup and I don't see myself organizing my stash any other way. I also have a few other sizes of lipstick holders, brush holders and lip and eye pencil holders, let me know if you want to see a post on that as well. If you are wondering where you can find these do drop me an email at and I will be happy to help you procure them. 

What do you think of my makeup storage technique? 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Product Review: MAC Impassioned Lipstick - Swatches and LOTD

Guest Post By Samannita Modak.

Review of Mac lipstick Impassioned

If you are passionate about lipstick then Mac impassioned is the one which should be in your kitty. And after an year of buying different pink and browns I was so tired of the monotonous shade that I was desperately looking for something bright but different shade apart from my usual pinks…[I own most of pinks in lipsticks :P ]

Price: - Rs.990/-

The packaging of the lipsticks is really simple and classy in black and silver case. The vanilla scent of the lipsticks, the bullet style of the lipstick, the silver twisting case and the black cap both with the name “mac” printed on it makes the only difference between the Mac and other brands in packaging.

Mac lipstick impassioned is from permanent line of amplified lipsticks. Mac describes Impassioned as a full-throttle fuchsia but on me it looks as a neon pink with a hint of coral in it. After using the matte and satin range of lipsticks I am now shifted to amplified one and impassioned belong to the same. Amplified lipsticks are famous for their long staying being creamy in texture. Impassioned is a bright shade which I think will suit mostly fair to medium skin tone people. Dusky beauties might washout in this shade. I was never into bright shades, throughout my life I was wearing either neutral browns or pink but this shade really give me the confidence to try out the other bright shades. The pigmentation is awesome , one swipe and you are done .The lipstick is quite creamy in texture so glides smoothly on lips without any tugging or pulling of lips. The lipstick although being creamy in texture but stays more than 5 hours on my lips. It fades slightly after heavy meals but leaves a nice pink stain on lips which I personally don’t like as it look little uneven on my lips so I prefer re-application of lipsticks after meal. Although the lipstick is creamy but it will not moistens your lips so one should go for a proper lip scrub before applying the lipsticks otherwise the dry lips will tend to cling the shade on lips making it look uneven. The lipsticks transfer a bit which is really annoying for me but the shade is so pretty that you can ignore this point of amplified lipsticks.

Okay so summing up ….

  • ·       Nice packaging.
  • ·       Nice shade suits mostly fair to medium skin tone.
  • ·       Cream in texture so not drying on lips.
  • ·       Stays near about 5 hours.
  • ·       Pigmented.
  • ·       Vanilla scent of the lipstick.

  • ·       Pricey.
  • ·       Hottest selling shade so might be out of stock most of time.
  • ·       Transfers to cups and glass.
  • ·       Fades after heavy meal.
  • ·       Leaves an uneven stain on lips after fading.

My rating: - 4/5

My recommendation:-  Well, I love the bright coral hint pink “impassioned” but before recommending it to anyone my suggestion is to try it in stores first before you think to buy as being bright shades it has tendency to washout out mostly. Otherwise it is a nice lipstick and a small tip before ending the post, if you really love the color and want to have it in your kitty but as it might washout then try to tone down the shade a bit by applying a nude lip liner first on your entire lips followed by the lipstick, I think it will help you a bit. :)

SBB Edit: The lipstick is definitely one of my favorite and I love the color personally. I also agree that it looks more neon & coral then a bright pink. Nonetheless it looks amazing on you Sam, you definitely know how to rock this shade xx Shivani

About the Guest Blogger:

Samannita Modak is the blogger,and here is the link to her blog.  Her blog is amazing, simple and to the point. Love her gorgeous LOTD's and FOTD's.  She is a very sweet, honest & caring person and one of my closest friends. Thanks for always having my back Sam and for all your love and support. Do check out her blog and follow her right now! Its an order! xx