About Me


I am Shivani, a 23 year old makeup artist who has an unhealthy appetite for makeup ( I am literally a makeup hoarder! ). I have a degree in makeup from the London School of Fashion. I am not a practicing makeup artist though and learnt it only for myself and to do professional looking makeup for my family and friends, but mostly because i have a huge passion for fashion and makeup. I am from Mumbai although I haven't lived here very long. I used to live in the UK and Singapore briefly before that. I have a Masters in Media and Creative Enterprise from UK.

I am an NC 40, with extraaa sensitive & combination skin, with some acne scars (lets get real!) so most of the reviews will be in relation to that although it is my aim to provide my opinions which will suit everybody.

I know everybody says it and your probably tired of reading this but all opinions and reviews posted on the blog about any products whatsoever, are all 100% genuine. I am strongly against giving favorable opinions and blatantly refuse to do so!

Also a small disclaimer, EVERYTHING that I publish on this blog (writeup, pictures, videos) unless mentioned otherwise, all belong to me. If you would like to use them please do take my permission to do so in advance. 

I love makeup, DIY projects, Candles, Book and anything bling! So follow me if you share the same passion! 

Thank you



  1. just visited your blog...you really have passion for makeup. Hope will be able to learn from you abt makeup.