Thursday, June 20, 2013

Product Review: Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks in Cherry Picking and Dont Blink Pink.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks in Cherry Picking and Dont Blink Pink.

Hey guys,

   Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was not feeling well at all and the weakness didn't allow me enough energy to snap up some pictures and do a review. But anyway I am better now, so lets get to the topic. Wet n Wild lipsticks are famous as the $2 amazing lipsticks that will wow you! So lets find out if these did wow me!

I picked these lipsticks up on a whim while strolling down the ailes of Target or Walmart (can't remember!) and I don't really regret it :) I picked up two shades to begin with, 965 Cherry Picking & 966 Don't Blink Pink.

The texture of this lipstick is creamy at first application but it does matte out a little after a few hours. The lipstick is a little drying on the lips but its nothing a little bit of lip balm or a little bit of gloss can't cure. This lipstick does tend to bleed a little especially if you have hair flying all over you face.

Pigmentation-wise I have absolutely no complaints, I mean the color payoff is amazing and the lipsticks even for 2 dollars are super duper pigmented! The color stays on for a good 4-5 hours at the least. The colors are very rich and I am super happy with the range of colors they have. 

The colors I have are 965 Cherry Picking & 966 Don't Blink Pink. 

Cherry Picking is a rich pink-red almost berry colored lipstick that looks super gorgeous on most skin tones, I have seen Fleur De Force wear this in one of her vlogs and it looked flattering on her and it looked so good on me too when I wore it for my mums birthday :) This is the kind of color that perks up my mood. Maybe I should put some one while I sit in my bed in my pi's and sipping on some black tea and I'll instantly feel better. I feel like this lipstick makes my teeth look whiter ( lol! Silly me) This shade is similar to my favorite NYX Matte lipstick in Bloody Mary reviewed here. But this formula is more creamier than the NYX one and cheaper too :)

Dont Blink Pink is a bright fuchsia lipstick that is the perfect for this summer. Its very fresh and light on the lips. If you are bold enough like me you can even wear this everyday to work. I love this color, its so bright and nice and just enough neon to rock this season. While being bright I love that its not too bright and it not an actual barbie pink although it does look like that in flash for some reason. This is a color that would suit the fairer skins and skin tones until NC 40 like me, I think it may end up looking a bit too bright on skin tones beyond NC 40 (to them I do recommend the Cherry Picking) 

 The packaging is not that great, I am not a fan of the clear top that constantly stains when I pull the lipstick out. Also I found the shape of the product itself a little weird to apply directly, I would recommend using a lip brush to apply this lipstick.

- lovely range of colors
-super pigmented
-lasts about 4-5 hours 
-semi matte finish

-weird shape of lipstick
-the packaging


Texture: 4/5
Range: 5/5
Packaging: 2/5
Price: 5/5
Overall Product: 3.5/5

Overall, I do like this lipstick. I mean you really can't go wrong with this lipstick for 2 dollars! I think its a great addition to you collection especially if you are starting out in the makeup world. 

Have you tried any of the Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks ? What did you think of them?


Monday, June 10, 2013

May Favourites :)

Hey guys,

I can't believe May got over so soon..! But hey, this does mean the summer is almost over and its time for the rains! Don't we all love the rains?? I mean the lovely view from your window, the sight of kids playing in the rain (flashback to your childhood), Jumping in the puddles and all that.. Did I mention the nukkad ki masala chai, pakoras and bhuttas (corn-on-the-cob)?? Delightful!

Anyway back to the main topic, May Favorites! I have been out and about this whole month! Weddings, Parties and all that jazz. Despite the heat I have been inclined towards makeup as my skin has been playing around a bit with me. Beating the heat was also a main priority for me this month. I did use quite a bit of products and did genuinely love them this month, so excuse the overly long post. :)

Lets get started with the products,

1) Urban Decay De Slick Make Up Setting Spray: Honestly I don't know what I would do without this product in the scorching heat. I love how it makes my makeup last! I can't say enough good things about this product. 

2) Dior show Iconic Overcurl Mascara: Don't you hate it when the SA's talk you into buying products? Yeah me too! Sometimes these things turn out well though.. like in the case of this mascara, I love it! I love how it curls my lashes and how it holds a curl and give my lashes some volume. Much better than the original one.

3) Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream: This cream has been so hydrating this month for my face, I also apply this on my hand and it has kept them very hydrated although I did not see a difference in the softness either on my face or hands. The cream is pretty light yet works well in terms of hydration. Not sticky or greasy on the face so you can apply it under your makeup. 

4) Caudalie Beauty Elixir: This product is AMAZING. I now get why every blogger internationally is in awe with this product. I am not to keen on the smell though, but it fades after a while so I am not to bothered with the smell aspect.

5) Revlon Lip Butter (Sorbet): I mentioned this product in my haul post here and have been using it since I got it. Every time I wear it, someone or the other always asks me what lipstick I am wearing! I  have been stopped on the sidewalk a couple of times to be asked what lipstick I am wearing. I love that this shade is just the right neon for even dark skin tones and does not make your lips look like you borrowed Niki Minaj's Lipstick! Highly recommend this new shade as well as Wild Watermelon which is amazing for a night out!

6) Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream: Now I know everyone has read more than enough reviews about this product but I wanted to include it in my favorites as it is all I have been wearing this month, skipping on my regular foundations. I needed a super light coverage so the heat wouldn't make my makeup melt and this did it well for me. I do prefer the Elizabeth Arden Tinted Moisturizer over this in terms of consistency but for a slightly (emphasis on slightly) higher coverage this BB cream does it for me.

7) Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Quad: Now one error here is that I do not remember the name of the palette, I tried looking online as well, but couldn't find any :( I do really love the quad as the colors are just perfect. Its not to nude nor too dark, just perfect for the summer. They have a mix of shimmer and solid eye shadows that blend well to create a flawless look. (more on this quad in a later blog post)

8) Rimmel Scandal Eyeshadow Crayon in 003 Bad Girl Bronze: This product is Rimmel's answer to the Maybelline color tattoo in Back to the Bronze! And I must say that Rimmel has upped their game! The color is wonderful and can be controlled. Also I do like the fact that I don't have to stick my fingers in a pot and get products into my nails! The color is rich and very blendable. 

9)Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 014 Bright Blue: Just the pop of color I need this season. Colored eyeliners and kajals have been creeping up all over the internet and I love that I can use  this not too bright product and yet have a pop of color in my eyes. 

10) Kryolan Ikonic Gel Eye Liner Pencil in Charcoal Glimmer: My friend who is a MUA and used to work at Kryolan told me about these wonderful Pencils, I got most of the shades and I have to say I am in love with them. This particular pencil is amazing as it adds a bit of shimmer to my liner.  The one thing I don't really like is that while sharpening it there is a bit of product wastage that I am not to fond of. Otherwise kudos to kryolan for this amazing product.

11)Nars Laguna Bronzer: Oh! how I have had a love-hate relationship with this product. Now been a little on the not so fair side, I do not need a bronzer to correct my pale skin but I do like to contour my face and this month I have been loving the Laguna for this. Its not too dark yet not too light. It doesn't make my face look muddy and does the job! Win!

12) Fashionista blush in Amber Glow 4 & Cinnamon 12: These blushes have been making a buzz on the internet after being introduced on the MUA website. I have had these for a while and I have to say they are so amazingly pigmented and blend effortlessly. I will be reviewing them in detail with swatches very soon :)

13)The Body Shop - Leona Lewis Kabuki Blush Brush: Okay I am going to be totally honest. I did not use this brush at all, but I had to add to my favorites as its is so damn cute! I love how it is shaped like a flower and I would like to keep this in my collection as a collectible for a very long time. 

14) Real Technique Brushes: The brushes I like from RT are the stippling brush, expert face brush, buffing brush & blush brush. I have had these for so long and the thing I love about them is that they are easy to clean, don't shed and dry very quickly.  I use the stippling brush for cream blush, the expert face brush for BB cream, The Buffing brush for foundation and blush brush for either bronzer or blush. Love them, enough said.

15) No 7 Directional Powder Brush: I have tried multiple powder brushes from various brands, but I always go back to this one. This sheds sometimes but not too much. I love how the bristles are soft. Its a regular in my makeup bag. 

16) Maybelline Baby Lips in Peppermint: This adorable little lip balm feels so luxurious on my lips! This is the American version and I have to be honest and say that it is much better than the Indian/Asian one. The smell is so minty and fresh that it perks up my mood! I simply love it! It fixes my chapped lips and look pretty darn cute as compared to the Asian one.

17) MAC Lipglass in Embrace Me: This lipgloss is the pinkest pink lip gloss you can have. Reminds me of the MAC lipstick in Show Orchid. Love the texture, stays put for long, transfers a bit to cups and stuff but the color looks flattering on all skin types! Sad part is I think its limited edition.

So guys thats about it, I know it was a lot, but I wanted to be 100 % honest about what I was loving this month. Will be reviewing a lot of these products in the future posts so keep a look out for that..

What was your favorite beauty product of the month??

Till next time,


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Ode To The Rimmel Appocalips!

An Ode To The Rimmel Appocalips!

(L-R) Big Bang, Appocaliptic, Stellar, Nova, Galaxy, Celestial, Luna & Nude Eclipse.
(L-R) Big Bang, Appocaliptic, Stellar, Nova, Galaxy, Celestial, Luna & Nude Eclipse.

Hey Guys,

As promised here is a whole post dedicated to the Rimmel Appocalips (although a bit late, but please excuse me, I was enjoying a wedding and the very hot weather in Baroda).  After my Huge Haul Post  here a lot of you said that you wanted to see the swatches  and reviews of the Rimmel Appocalips, so here it is :) Well a bit of a backstory, I wanted the Rimmel Appocalips so badly! They launched in the UK a few days after I came back to India for good, and you can imagine how heartbroken and distraught I was. Although finally I did manage to get them and when I did, as usual I went crazy and got all colors, not good for my pocket but great for my blog! I have had these for a while now and like all my product reviews I like to use the product for a good measure of time before I post a review on it, so I can give a precise opinion. Okay enough with the Rambling and back to the main topic. 

Rimmel has once again wowed me with their second to latest product, the latest will be in a future blogpost so keep a lookout for that ;) . Rimmel Appocalips created quite a stir in the blogosphere! Everyone and their mother and their goldfish were raving about it (lol). After using them for a few months I have to say I agree with them! I freakin' love this product! Its not a lipstick, its not a gloss! Its simply better mix of both! 

Rimmel USA has released their own version of the Rimmel Appocalips called the Rimmel Show-Offs which has more colors and is considerably cheaper than the Appocalips! Bad Bad Rimmel! (I want the Show Off's now! *whines*)

Appocalips come in 8 different colors and most of them are AMAZING! I will discuss the colors in detail below. Just for an overview they are: Big Bang, Appocaliptic, Stellar, Nova, Celestial, Galaxy Luna & Nude Eclipse. 

(L-R) Big Bang, Appocaliptic, Stellar, Nova,Celestial, Galaxy, Luna & Nude Eclipse.

(L-R) Big Bang, Appocaliptic, Stellar, Nova,Celestial, Galaxy, Luna & Nude Eclipse.


I would highly recommend using a lip liner before using the Appocalips as it prevents them from bleeding which is why I am going to include lip liner suggestions (a.k.a the lipliners I use) with all the colors as well.

The technique I use is gently use lip liner to coat my lips, apply one coat of the lip lacquer, blot it with a  tissue and then reapply again, this way they will last super duper long.


The packaging is so chic and stylish. I love the cutworked lid & the fact that the lower part of the tube is the shade of the lacquer. The packaging is pretty sturdy and perfect for travel. It sure does look pretty fancy when you pull it out of our bag and coat your lips with the rich product among a group of people.


0.18 fl oz, 5.5 ml


It comes with a different kind of applicator, something I have not seen before. It is a doe foot applicator but with a tiny hole in the middle! (don't get what thats for or what it does! but hey who cares!) 

Moving on to the shades:

 Big Bang:

With Flash                                                          Without Flash

Big Bang according to me is the hero shade of this collection! Its a true red and is perfect for a night out! I love this shade and it looks flattering on all skin types. I don't see any peculiar undertones in this color, to me its just a perfect red.  The Lip Liner I prefer to use under this is MAC Redd.


                                  With Flash                                                  Without Flash

Appocaliptic is the brightest fuchsia pink you can find! Its such an amazing color and photographs well with or without flash. The Lip Liner I prefer to use under this is MAC More to Love.


                                  With Flash                                                          Without Flash

A shade I have a love and hate relationship with. Sometimes this looks so nice and coral on me and sometimes it looks a bit to neon-y! Also under flash it looks like a neon pink, but I assure you its a true coral. The lip liner I use with it NYX lip liner in Coral (841) or Colorbar lip liner in Just Coral (008)


                                   With Flash                                                            Without Flash

Nova is like Niki Minaj on your lips! Haha! Its such a nice bubblegum pink. It does look more flattering on fair skin tones more than it does on dusky beauties.  The Lip liner I use with it is MAC Pink Treat or the limited edition lip pencil MAC Silly.


                               Without Flash                                                      With Flash

Celestial is a nice subtle dusty rose. It has pink undertones. This color is great for everyday wear and will look flattering yet not too much for work. The Lip liner I use with it is the Chanel precision lip liner in no 32.


            Without Flash                                                  With Flash

Among all the appocalips, galaxy happens to be my least favorite. Don't get me wrong its not the shade, its just my preference. I am not someone who likes purple,mauve or browns. Galaxy is a mauve-y plum with micro glitter in it. The glitter is not so noticeable at first. But once the lacquer goes matte the micro glitters add a bit of shine. Not too much though. Since I am not too fond of this shade I have passed it on to my mum who loves it. I would suggest using a Lip Liner like the Make Up Forever (MUFE) lip liner in 10C with it. 


                                  With Flash                                                            Without Flash

Luna is another one of the appocalips that I have a love and hate relationship with. I tan easily and the tan comes of easily for me too. So I cannot just travel with Luna in my travel makeup pouch (blogpost on it soon!) When I am tanned this lacquer makes my lips look ghostly! I do use this to tone down my MAC Morange if I feel like wearing a pastel orange. The Lip liner I use under this lip lacquer is Mac Subculture or the Chanel precision lip liner in Peche no 38.

Nude Eclipse:

                                   With Flash                                                    Without Flash

Okay nude is not a color for me! I simply cannot really "rock it" Not this shade anyway! Okay on its own this shade would probably not look too flattering on anyone I would assume! I wore it out the other day and my friend said, "I think you put concealer on your lips by mistake in a hurry!" I wanted to simply scream! But then I gave myself a pep talk mixed some blood red lipstick with it and voilĂ  we had a pastel reddish pink color on my lips and it looked so amazing, if I say so myself! The same friend then kept pestering me for my lip combo! (Hi Nikita, now you know!) I wouldn't use a lip liner under it because I wouldn't wear it on its own but a good option would be MAC Summerfruit.

There you go, that was such a huge post to write *phew*

Long Lasting.
Mega Pigmented.
Smooth on the lips.
Non Drying.
Go Matte after a while.

Rimmel USA's Showoffs which are so much cheaper and available in more shades! *nothappy*
Transfer to cups, mugs etc!
A nice orange and a rich brown would a good color option!
Smells a little funny! (melon combined with plastic!) (but the scent doesn't last too long! - not a total con)

Price: £ 5.99

 I know this was a rather huge and picture heavy post but I hope you found it useful. And if you are reading this means you did stick around to the end of the post so, thank you :) Please let me know your favorite shade if you have used them, if not which shade would you fancy? Also a humble recommendation try at least one if you can, you never know, you may just fall in love! :)