Friday, May 3, 2013

Hi Guys,

 Thanks for visiting this blog firstly. A lot of you on Facebook asked me to create a blog where I could review and swatch some products for you, so that is what is happening here :) Have fun and do leave me comments, products you want me to review and suggestions. Also do follow! Thanks..

For PR reps and those that want to send me products to review my email address is

About me: (so you can get to know me better!)

     I am Shivani, a makeup artist  who has way too much makeup than required ( I am literally a makeup hoarder!) . I have a degree in makeup from the London School of Fashion. I am not a practicing makeup artist though and learnt it only for myself and to do professional looking makeup for my family and friends. I am from Mumbai although I haven't lived here very long. I used to live in the UK and Singapore briefly before that. I have a Masters in Media and Creative Enterprise from UK. I have just returned from the UK with lots and lots of makeup products in tow. So keep a lookout for the reviews!!

 I am the owner and proprietor of OrderMakeupUk with is an online company that brings into India makeup products from popular UK brands :) We will soon be branching out to the USA, Singapore and Australia. Please do check us out on Facebook

Thanks for you time..


  1. Excellent, another place for me to pester you (Renu of the product-demanding-nagger fame on Facebook).
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Haha! love that we can chat about beauty products here too!!

  2. Hey ! Nice to meet you. There is a lot to learn from you.. Your newest follower.

    Hina xx

    1. Hi, hina thanks for following, would love to see your comments and suggestions too.. Following your blog as well!! xx