Thursday, July 25, 2013

Velvette Box July 2013! Hit or Miss?

Hey guys,

I got an early morning delivery of my July Velvette Box! And let me tell you honestly, I am rather disappointed- once again!!

To begin with the products I got were:

1) Nyassa body mist in morning dew- smells okay :(

2) Sally Hansen Miracle Cure- This was the most disappointing! The product smells funny and the packaging on the cap looks worn out, no expiry date mentioned! eeeek!

3) Flamar Deluxe Shine Gloss Style Lipstick-  a.k.a Shady product in a cheapy packaging! Added Bonus: mentally disturbing color!

4) Bling Nail Art Stickers (Added Bonus) - A design I would bring no where near my nails! And what is a nail art sticker doing in a beauty box?!? I would have much liked an added beauty or skin care item as a bonus!

Also they were supposed to send me a bonus product that they 'forgot' to send last month but there were no signs of it in this months box either! *sigh* guess I will be waiting around for it forever!

Your lucky if you gave this box a miss! For the price I didn't think it was worth it!

What did you think of my velvette box? Did you get one? What products did you get?