Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vellvette Bag: September Anniversary Edition

Vellvette Bag: September Anniversary Edition

Hey guys,

So I am probably the last people on this planet to review this particular 'bag'. But I just needed to put my 2 cents in. So this month Vellvette celebrates 1 year of its existence. While I have heard rave reviews of a lot of its bags in the beginning, the latest ones have been quite disappointing.. Ive been subscribed to them 4 solid months now and have hated all my box/bags till now.. You can see a review of one of my previous boxes here. This month it was supposed to be a special bag with fun filled goodies.. Ah well.. We can only hope for that. And more on their customer service below.

So lets start with the 'Bag'. While the epic war of the who introduced the Bag concept in India carries on and I choose to ignore it. The bag I was sent was eye ball scarring, I kid you not ! It is a red and white polka dot bag. Sorry, but in no world does this Minnie Mouse wannabe bag look nice.. The material was cheap and the zip flimsy. Infact my zipper was spoilt. I have contacted Vellvette about this issue but no reply till now.. Okay so bag tossed aside.. Lets get to the products.  Out of the 3 products I got this month, there was only one that I actually didn't mind.

1) Organic Surge - Shine Boost Deep Conditioner.

Okay firstly, my bottle came in only 3/4 full, the product was not a full 100 ml, again contacted Vellvette but no reply. Secondly this product is for normal hair but I have super dry hair and this won't do anything to help with that. They need to pay attention to what we write in the surveys and questionnaires, no customization.  Last time they sent me shampoo for curly hair and I have poker straight hair! The only plus side about this sample is that the smell of the product is not too bad. 

Will I purchase the full size? : NO.

2) Beauty UK eyeshadow collection in No.2 - Soho.

Well when I read palette on the cards (clearly missing the brand) I got super excited. But when I opened the bubble wrap on it, I wanted to weep. Whats wrong with it you ask? Well let me tell ya! The colors are meh, they are not pigmented at all and very chalky. I tried creating a look with them to show you but it looked really bad. And some of the colors are too light and require a lot of product to just show on the lids. Boy I am not impressed. I think if I created two looks for you, I'd already hit pan on the shadows.. thats how non-pigmented they are!  

Will I purchase this palette (or color variations) again? : Hell to the NO! I have also read a couple of reviews on the other shades of the palette and they are not nice either.. So I think, I'll be skipping these.

(I have tried and swatched the pink, coral, green and yellow colors. Despite numerous efforts to get the color enough to swatch, this was the best I could do after 10 swipes on each color - I kid you not)

3) Lush Dream Cream - Hand and Body Lotion

Well this is the only product from the bag that I can bear. But having said that, in the previous box, Velvette sent out a pretty decent amount of sample, where as this sample is smaller than a tub of The Body Shop lip balms. I mean, how do I sample a cream in one use and decide that it is the best darn cream in the whole wide world and that I NEED to get the full size? I simply can't, unless on the card that accompanied with it, they would have said, free refills at the Lush counter, then I would have appreciated it a tad more. For now, I stand unimpressed!  

Will I purchase the full size?: The sample definitely won't help me decide that..!

4) A funny Hair Brush / Mirror.

Now I know I do not have a picture of this, but I did get one. I do not typically use the fold in kind of hair brushes as I carry a full size with me everywhere, thanks to my untamed tresses therefore I gave it away. Now I am not impressed with this either. I mean come on! It aint no beauty product.. If you wanted me to have an extra goodie for your anniversary send me an Estee Lauder or Clinique or Clarins samples that you sent out in the previous boxes. I would much rather have those over a low quality brush and mirror.

Let me tell you about another issue I have with them. Their customer service is horrible. I have emailed them multiple times and have received no replies till now. Even tweets to them have been in vain. I was supposed to receive a bonus sample every month and 4 solid boxes in hand and no bonus samples in sight yet. I feel ripped off to an extent. They also sent out emails sometime last month asking if we wanted a special sample and to fill out details and we would be sent those as well, well I got nothing, nada. Until now this box has been nothing but a huge disappointment for me. When I see posts about international beauty boxes (Especially Ipsy) my heart weeps. We need better subscription services in here so that we can test out products not easily available here and in decent enough quantity to validate a full size purchase. 

Overall, As you can see I am more than unhappy with this subscription service. Unfortunately for me there is no way I can get out of my current subscription, So I am stuck with it for a very very long time. Although once my subscription with Vellvette runs out I definitely won't be subscribing again. Unless they up their game and stop fooling their customers with outdated/discontinued/cheap samples. 

Let me know what you think of my Vellvette Box and if you got one too how horrifying was yours?



  1. Am I glad I didn't receive that one! LMAO Minnie Mouse wannabe is bang on the spot! The bag looks so shiny and cheap-plasticky! And as for those swatches, where did you say they were? I can see one barbie pink shadow, that's it! They could just have sent the one single shadow pot from, say, The Body Shop! And to think this is supposed to be an anniversary special edition....

  2. oops! when they started off last yr they were so good, i remember in my first box in sept i got l'occitane, body shop and clinique n all good sized samplesn i had loved all 3 things!!! n now they've come to this...!! thank God i didnt get it now!

  3. I was thinking of subscribing it but now I am gonna stay away from this beauty box.. isnt impressive anymore.. :(

  4. great ..u got lovely stuff..waiting for ur reviews now..<3

    check out my recent one :

  5. I had the "same" reaction to the palette :(
    Okay with the bag though, needed one for my err.. feminine essentials !

  6. The pallette is so loving with pretty colours of eyeshadow and I would like to see a look with some of the colurs out this box ;-)

  7. The palette is lovely!!
    I am having a MEGA giveaway! Hope you join it :)
    Following you :)