Saturday, September 20, 2014

30 Things About Me Tag.

Hello there,

           Thanks Isabella for tagging me. Without further ado, here are 25 things you may or may not know about me.

1) Although I am from Mumbai I havnt lived here very long, but I do consider myself to be a true Mumbaikar! I've lived in multiple countries across the globe.
2) I am not afraid of the darkness or living alone. Im pretty daring actually. Ive lived alone in a 2 storey bungalow without feeling scared. ( My housemate used to take a class in london causing her to live in london on the weekends)
3) I am absolutely terrified of clowns, thanks to the movie It! I've slammed the door on a clowns face at my friend's son's birthday party. ( Sorry S!)
4) I am not a very romantic or emotional person. I hate romantic gestures and feelings!
5) Im allergic to most flowers ( and a million other things) I will sneeze non stop if I go to a garden.
6) I am vegetarian. I don't eat eggs even in desserts. I have nothing against those who do.
7) I hate anything sweet! I hate cakes, ice creams and any sweet thing per se. I can't even stand gujju food, even though I am Gujju!
8) I am not terrified of spiders or lizards. I used to live in a boarding school which was in the middle of a jungle.
9) I hate hiking, camping or anything that involves nature.
10) I love beaches! Give me my sun tan lotion, hat, sunglasses and magazine and I will be content.
11) I love roller coasters, i have this crazy dream to go on a roller coaster themed holiday across the globe.
12) I am well traveled and I speak more languages than I have fingers.
13) I am addicted to mashed potatoes! Its a crazy addiction I fail to understand. I can eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner, all day, every day.
14) I love anything girly and pink although I am still a tom boy at heart and do love foot ball ( Liverpool all the way!)
15) I have more makeup than I would possibly ever need and yet I am always lusting after something or the other. Its yet another crazy addiction.
16) I wouldn't say I am religious but I do consider myself to be spiritual.
17) I hate sharing food or drinks. The concept of shared saliva disgusts me. All my friends and family know of this. I won't even let my mum sip on my cola.
18) I don't have any actor or actress favorites, I mean a like a few for the roles they do but I don't crush on any.
19) My skin color changes like nobody's business. I could go from real pale like edward, to straight up jacob! "What up Twilight Reference!"
20) I love TV Shows, US and UK shows only. I love reality telly! The real housewives have my heart.
21) Im a mommy's girl! A true one at that. Although I am pampered by my entire family for being the first child. My Mommy treats my like a true princess and she is my original best friend.
22) I would love to have a christian wedding someday, me and my BFF have the whole thing planned, from venue, to cake, to decor, to party favors. even my dress and my maid of honor and bridesmaids.
23) I love food! I love cooking it, I love eating it! I just love food. I love trying different cuisines.
24) I wasn't that good at studies to begin with. One incident changed everything, it was a huge motivation for me and I ended up topping my university. My IQ is pretty impressive too.
25) I used to be really bad at removing my makeup, I used to be super lazy, suddenly one day all that changed and it has been over 2 years and no matter how tired I am I will remove my makeup no matter how tired I am.
26) I am addicted to black coffee ( extra strong and no sugar) and lemon tea. I love starbucks and dunkin donuts coffee!
27) I have severe OCD, I am that person that has a sanitizer on her at all times! I cannot even drive my own car without wiping everything down with an anti bacterial wipe! ( crazy weird logic, ask me if you really want to know ;) )
28) I love video games and comics! Im a total geek at heart!
29) I can be very loud, very fun, very outgoing, a little perverted and overly sarcastic at times, no wait I am all these things at all times ;)
30) 5 words to describe me would be fun loving, lazy, hilarious, honest & a prankster.

Woah! That took a while to think and type out. Let me know if we share any similarities or are the complete opposites :) Also I tag Renu of My Beauty Junction,Bhumika Thakkar from New-Love Makeup, Neeraj of Beauty Traveller, Samannita from Makeup and Beauty & Renji Anooj from Makeupholic World. The only rule is that number 30 must be a describe yourself in 5 words post.

Looking forward to reading all your posts.



  1. U hate sweets and gujju food :o Thats a shocker. How did u even think of 30 things ? I can hardly think of 5-6 :p Would try though.

  2. wow ! love reading to know ur 30 things, and thank you for tagging me will try to put mine too but u hate sweets? :O ....i love sweet , i hv sweet tooth actually :P

  3. I really like this!
    How about following each other? Let me know & I follow right back!