Thursday, June 20, 2013

Product Review: Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks in Cherry Picking and Dont Blink Pink.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks in Cherry Picking and Dont Blink Pink.

Hey guys,

   Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was not feeling well at all and the weakness didn't allow me enough energy to snap up some pictures and do a review. But anyway I am better now, so lets get to the topic. Wet n Wild lipsticks are famous as the $2 amazing lipsticks that will wow you! So lets find out if these did wow me!

I picked these lipsticks up on a whim while strolling down the ailes of Target or Walmart (can't remember!) and I don't really regret it :) I picked up two shades to begin with, 965 Cherry Picking & 966 Don't Blink Pink.

The texture of this lipstick is creamy at first application but it does matte out a little after a few hours. The lipstick is a little drying on the lips but its nothing a little bit of lip balm or a little bit of gloss can't cure. This lipstick does tend to bleed a little especially if you have hair flying all over you face.

Pigmentation-wise I have absolutely no complaints, I mean the color payoff is amazing and the lipsticks even for 2 dollars are super duper pigmented! The color stays on for a good 4-5 hours at the least. The colors are very rich and I am super happy with the range of colors they have. 

The colors I have are 965 Cherry Picking & 966 Don't Blink Pink. 

Cherry Picking is a rich pink-red almost berry colored lipstick that looks super gorgeous on most skin tones, I have seen Fleur De Force wear this in one of her vlogs and it looked flattering on her and it looked so good on me too when I wore it for my mums birthday :) This is the kind of color that perks up my mood. Maybe I should put some one while I sit in my bed in my pi's and sipping on some black tea and I'll instantly feel better. I feel like this lipstick makes my teeth look whiter ( lol! Silly me) This shade is similar to my favorite NYX Matte lipstick in Bloody Mary reviewed here. But this formula is more creamier than the NYX one and cheaper too :)

Dont Blink Pink is a bright fuchsia lipstick that is the perfect for this summer. Its very fresh and light on the lips. If you are bold enough like me you can even wear this everyday to work. I love this color, its so bright and nice and just enough neon to rock this season. While being bright I love that its not too bright and it not an actual barbie pink although it does look like that in flash for some reason. This is a color that would suit the fairer skins and skin tones until NC 40 like me, I think it may end up looking a bit too bright on skin tones beyond NC 40 (to them I do recommend the Cherry Picking) 

 The packaging is not that great, I am not a fan of the clear top that constantly stains when I pull the lipstick out. Also I found the shape of the product itself a little weird to apply directly, I would recommend using a lip brush to apply this lipstick.

- lovely range of colors
-super pigmented
-lasts about 4-5 hours 
-semi matte finish

-weird shape of lipstick
-the packaging


Texture: 4/5
Range: 5/5
Packaging: 2/5
Price: 5/5
Overall Product: 3.5/5

Overall, I do like this lipstick. I mean you really can't go wrong with this lipstick for 2 dollars! I think its a great addition to you collection especially if you are starting out in the makeup world. 

Have you tried any of the Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks ? What did you think of them?



  1. Lol lippies with blue undertones tend to make teeth look whiter, it seems. Ever since someone said that, I've been looking for them! I've never tried Wet n Wild - that's very good staying power for the price! Btw do add a Bloglovin' link so the Google Reader people won't lose your blog.

    1. Haha! i felt so silly for saying they make my teeth look whiter but they really do! For the price I think they are fantastic! Pretty comparable to the MUA 1 quid lipsticks too! Just added bloglovin! Thanks for the tip ❤

  2. I totally agree with renu,lippirs with blue undertones make teeth look whiter and wet n wild seems pretty affordable too. Can't resist myself now to get grab atleast one :)

    1. Yes they are pretty comparable to the MUA 1 quid lip pies but these are much more pigmented, semi matte and stay on longer! You should get some.. they have really pretty colors :)

  3. Thats's an awesome staying power! Wet N wild does have some great products... :) Great Review Shivani!

    1. Thanks a lot Richa ❤ Yes and they have some awesome colors!

  4. Wet n wild is a great brand! <3 But my question is regarding the candle lol. Which candle are you burning at the back?? I'm a candle collector.

    PS My name is Shivani too :D

    You can check out my blog if you like:

    1. Heyy, The candle is a 3 wick candle from Slatkin & Co available at Bath and Body Works in Paris Daydream :) Nice to meet a fellow blogger called Shivani too! Will definitely check out your blog :)

  5. Nice lipstick very shiny, pink color looking great...

    1. Thanks a lot Ritu, I agree the shades are amazing, I'm thinking of getting a few more...

  6. Hey Shivani..wanted to ask u about Nars Laguna bronzer..i am NC40-42 and want to try the Laguna..would it suit my skin tone? I mainly want it for contouring but much for bronzing

    1. Hi Parita, If you are looking for a light bronzer, something that is not to harsh then laguna will be perfect for you. But if you like heavy contouring, very kim kardashian-esque then you can opt for the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder.